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“When you have 750 million people and it has been working for 5,000 years, there must be something to it.”

Acupuncture has been practiced for at least 2,500 years and has a long history of relieving accident injury pain, back pain, neck pain, and even nausea in cancer patients. While many cringe at the idea of needles, we want to assure anyone out there who is a bit nervous that we mainly use electric stimulation acupuncture that works without needles.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Teresa Larson, is a skillful, certified in acupuncture who employs both electrical stimulation, or traditional needles, and her patients report finding long sought after pain relief, without discomfort or side effects. Patients undergoing difficult physical therapy after an auto injury, or accident injury of any kind, should consider trying this ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice (with or without a modern electrical twist) for pain relief.

Physical Therapy and Acupuncture Provide Relief
for Accident Injury and Auto Injury Patients

Physical therapy can involve a range of different healing modalities to help patients recover from accident injuries, auto injuries, or chronic pain. Acupuncture is extremely beneficial to healing a variety of different ailments and conditions because it treats the underlying source of the problem.

Here at our family chiropractic clinic in Lincoln, Dr. Larson is a certified in acupuncture who uses both traditional FDA-approved needles, and needle-free electrical stimulation techniques. According to Chinese medicine, all pain and illness originates from inconsistencies in a person's Qi ("chee"). Qi is body's natural flow of energy. "Meridians" within the body are the channels through which this energy flows. Findings from recent research demonstrate that these meridians flow through the fascia, which is a layer of connective tissue within the body. If the natural flow of these meridians is disrupted or out of balance for some reason, physical and emotional illness can occur. Traditionally, special needles are inserted at very specific points on the body to restore the balance within these meridians. With Electroacupuncture, however, small electrical pulses are sent through these same meridians to restore the normal energy flow, without all the needles!

Here at our family chiropractic office, Dr. Larson gets to know each patient, often asking more questions than a regular doctor. She needs to understand things about the patient's entire lifestyle and emotional outlook first. Within TCM, the acupuncturist needs to understand the individual patient, and not just the symptoms of the pain, so that the root cause of the pain can be discovered and treated. While a regular doctor may just prescribe medicine to mask the symptoms, our goal is to treat and eliminate the reason behind the back pain or the neck pain, and not just cover up the symptoms temporarily. We want to help patients solve the root problem itself so that the pain does not return.

With thousands of years of practice throughout Asia, and a growing body of scientific study here in the West, it is clear that patients suffering pain can find the relief they seek through acupuncture. Dr. Larson has been able to successfully treat patients with a myriad of painful health problems through this branch of TCM.

The Following is a conversation with Dr. Teresa Larson on the topic of Acupuncture


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