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Did you know that 31 million Americans will experience back pain symptoms this year? Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missing work, and 80% of the American population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions, you are not alone. At Southwest Chiropractic Center PC, our chiropractor, Dr. Teresa Larson, and our wellness care team are committed to helping you manage your pain and live a full, active life through non-invasive, chiropractic treatments in Lincoln NE.

Natural Treatments for Lincoln NE Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Fibromyalgia

Many of our Lincoln NE patients complain of back pain due to an auto injury, work accident injury or general wear and tear. Back pain is typically caused by a herniated disc, which occurs when a disc in the back slips out of alignment and puts pressure on nearby nerves. Our chiropractor may also refer to this alignment problem as a subluxation. When a herniated disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, you may experience a shooting pain or general numbness in the lower back, buttocks and legs; this condition is known as sciatica. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is a safe and effective treatment for relieving back pain and correcting the subluxation.

A neck adjustment, also known as cervical manipulation, is a precise treatment technique used on the joints of the neck. A neck adjustment is designed to restore a full range of movement, improve spinal mobility, and reduce pain, soreness and stiffness. A neck adjustment can also relieve chronic headaches, dizziness or difficulty concentrating following whiplash in an auto accident. Cervical manipulation also increases blood flow, which helps soft tissues, joints and ligaments in your neck to heal following whiplash or a traumatic accident injury.

If you struggle with fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic muscle pain and incapacitating fatigue, chiropractic care is a safe alternative to prescription painkillers. Because fibromyalgia causes tenderness throughout the body, including back pain, neck pain and leg cramps, gentle adjustments to the neck and spine can restore alignment to the body. Patients may also suffer from upper cervical stenosis, a condition that causes compression of the upper spine. Many Lincoln NE fibromyalgia sufferers find that cervical adjustment corrects alignment and causes the neck to no longer be compressed, which greatly reduces pain.

Thanks to gentle chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Larson has helped many pregnant women find relief from pregnancy pains. Pregnancy brings increased weight gain, a shift in the distribution of weight on the body, and pressure on the pelvic muscles. Special chiropractic adjustments can gently restore balance to the pelvis while positioning the fetus in optimal birthing position.

Dr. Larson's family chiropractic care can help all patients, from newborns to senior citizens, live full, active lives. Gentle, hands-on chiropractic manipulation is safe for infants and pediatrics. Chiropractic adjustment for young children can correct birth trauma as well as reduce the occurrence of common childhood complaints including colic, upper respiratory infections and acute ear infections. As we age, natural wear and tear can take a toll on our bodies, leaving us susceptible to degenerative disc disorders and accident injuries.

By correcting spinal alignment, Dr. Larson helps senior patients by relieving pain and restoring natural coordination, flexibility and movement to their bodies. This reduces chronic pain due to aging, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of future injury.

While our wellness team can't promise a permanent "cure" for chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, we can correct the underlying alignment problem, relieve pain and reduce or eliminate your need for prescription painkillers or invasive surgery. In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, our chiropractor may also recommend complementary treatments including acupuncture, physical therapy or corrective exercises. Acupuncture and physical therapy naturally relieve pain and help restore a full range of movement to the body.

Dr. Larson's family chiropractic care has helped hundreds of Lincoln NE patients recover from an auto injury, manage chronic pain and pregnancy pain, and heal following a workplace injury.

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